Friday, 14 September 2007

The cube has landed

It was due to arrive next Monday. So imagine my surprise (and delight!) when hubby answered the door this afternoon and said 'Your cubes here'. WHAT! Talk about excited - what a nice surprise! So we got stuck in straight away (lucky he was off work today). Here it is nearly finished.

Managed to find a position where I can get to the egg port and the door handle (important to get this right - I didn't want to have to cut too many holes in the side of the run!) I picked up Florrie and poked her through the hole. She had a really good look round. Tried out the nest box.

Then came out again. She coped OK with the branch steps I made. Better than the ladder that came with it - if I'd used that, I would not have been able to pull the cube away from the run to clean it. The cube is attached to the run with short bungee clips around the legs. Although I can hardly move it myself, so a fox has no chance.

Big Bertha tried it next. I picker her up and shoved her through the door. She went in and out a few times. Had a good dig around in the nest box - then laid an egg! What a clever girl!
Cheeky Ruby decided she could get at the food better if she stood on the branch.
Pom was not impressed. I put her inside and she had a quick look round and tried to get out again. She managed the top step, but fell down the rest.
But here it is, all finished. They are all tucked up in bed now. But that's another story.