Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Eggs for Christmas!

 Yay! My girlies are growing up! They have all matured nicely, but especially Daisy who has now started laying pretty Farrow and Ball green eggs. Sage has also come back into lay so we are back up to two eggs, most days.

 The others can't be far behind Daisy - Marigold especially is getting more and more confident. 
 I've had to clip their wings as they keep using the trampoline as a take off point to reach the shed roof!
 Candy remains fascinated by the hens. She has managed to land amongst them once or twice, but hasn't managed more than a mouthful of feathers before being scared witless by the whole experience and freezing. But it doesn't stop her watching them however she can.
 Sewing and general craftiness has been severely reduced recently. It is so frustrating not to have the time to make things myself, and I have resorted to buying some things that in the past I would have made. I was however, determined to make this advent calendar for the boys. I bought the kit last year, so it really did take priority. I finally added the finishing touches the evening before it was needed. You can't see it clearly here, but the pockets are all embellished with beads and glitter. Very rewarding to make - and very much appreciated by all three boys!
 And I've managed to knit one pair of boys socks! (with an orange toe as I ran out of wool right at the end). But he hasn't noticed and is delighted with them. Socks for an 8 year old are much quicker to make than adult socks! Now to quickly make some for 6 year old before he gets jealous.

 The snow has finally gone here, but the cold hasn't. The temperature hasn't been above 0 for several days. It caught me out yesterday when I couldn't defrost the car quick enough and was late for work.

 It's so beautiful though! Everything is glittery white, and we have had sunshine and blue skies to really make it all sparkle.
 I can't resist taking photographs of it all. It transforms everything.
 See those fabulous cobwebs on the side of the shed? And the wonderful pattern of those leaves on the left?
 The pond pump is keeping an unfrozen area on the pond, but it is surrounded by icicles.
 The fish can be seen moving slowly under the ice.
 Look at these leaves!
 Had to do a late walk with the dogs today - work, then pick up the boys from school, so a quick change and a race to the park to let the hounds blow off steam. The setting sun was washing everything with a pretty blush pink.
 So lovely - but blooming cold!
 It was good to get home and get the fire on and the curtains drawn and hibernate for the evening.

Some didn't feel the cold! Ruby had to do roly polys down the hill. And run with her mouth open and close to the ground so she scooped up mouthfuls of grass and ice. Silly moo!

 And a frozen skatepark is still fun - instant slides on the frozen slopes!