Monday, 29 September 2008

Look what I won!

I'm not one to enter competitions, do tombolas and raffles or anything of that nature (I think that normally I'm just too tight to part with the dosh, or just to lazy to make the effort with no guarentee of success!), but when Izabela asked for comments on crochet I just couldn't resist. I also enjoy crochet, but Izabela's crochet really is beautiful! Anyway, she had a competition to win one of her pretty crocheted butterflies - and I won! (won is used loosely here - my name was picked from a randomly generated list, but hey, who's complaining!). And this is my butterfly - isn't it lovely! It's on a keyring so is now decorating my house keys. Thank you Izabela!
See Izabela's blog here: or click the link on the left ...knit and crochet ...

Sunday, 28 September 2008

It's Conker Time!

What a gorgeous day its been! We drove out to Rockingham Castle to have a look at the Craft and Food Show. After we'd paid the extortionate amount of £10 to get in, we had very little left to spend in the craft tents - obviously someone is making a profit, but I don't think it was the crafters!

So having spent all our money on 6 minutes on the bouncy castle and a drink each, we went for a walk round the grounds. Here we found the real treasure - a grove of horse chestnuts dripping with fruit! Best entertainment ever for two little boys!

Very handy that there was a table and straw bales under the tree. The drinks cans were not ours by the way - I think the tables and straw bales were left over from a party that the stall holders had had the night before!

Several hundredweight of conkers later: they've all been rolled down the stairs and scattered around the kitchen floor to foil Dad's attempts at cooking tea!

Now we just have to decide what to do with them all. Ideas on a postcard please

Saturday, 27 September 2008

More sewing!

After building up all my bag stock for the Preston Craft Fair, and only selling a fraction of it, I've been getting itchy fingers! Pointless making anymore bags just for the sake it - better to wait for inspiration to strike.

I've had some lovely chicken fabrics sat around for a while, so put them to good use as Kenwood Chef mixer covers.

Then I managed to make another Jean Genie bag out of some old levis - the denim is lovely and soft. But I wasn't happy with the top stitching, so I kept it for myself - all in the interests of product testing you understand! I'm glad I did because I've realised the handles are far too long! So now it has a knot in it as a temporary measure while I decide how to make adjustable handles!

I've also started a patchwork class in the evenings - run by a lovely lady called Jenny and based at East Carlton Park, near Corby. Jenny not only teaches patchwork, but is a font of knowledge on all things fabric related. She's taught me so many little tips and wrinkles - even how to find out whether a fabric is man made or natural by setting fire to it! (I had great fun experimenting, I can tell you!). So far we have done some hand pieced hexagonal patches and have now started on some Japanese folded patchwork. I'll post pictures at a later date!

As if that wasn't enough, a friend sent me a pattern that she couldn't get to grips with, on the proviso that I made the first lot for her! It was for chicken pot holders. So I had to invest in some decent wadding, and voila! More chickens! Must admit I am really pleased with them, despite them needing a little more hand sewing to really finish them nicely.
These will be winging their way to my friend, and I've put a pic of them on my shop website - I may do them to order only, unless I am desperate for something to sew again!

Saturday, 13 September 2008

My Baby is Seventeen!

Well today has been oldest son's 17th birthday. His birthday present was driving lessons (his licence only arrived yesterday, so they had to be arranged rather hastily!) and a meal out at a local Cantonese restaurant. We took his two little brothers as well - I am determined that they will learn how to behave in public! Actually they weren't too bad, despite eating enough prawn crackers for 6 adults and tipping a glass of water over the table, we left the restaurant relatively unscathed and still on speaking terms with the managers. Although I am not in a hurry to repeat the experience.

Anyway - Happy Birthday to Number 1 Son, Love you Loads! xxx

Thursday, 11 September 2008

The Definition of Tired ...

Have you heard the saying "he/she could sleep on a clothesline"? I have, but never actually met anyone who could do it. But youngest son is in practice.

It started on the floor:

Then he tried upside down:

Not quite a clothesline, but getting there:

LOL I've never known a child like him for just falling asleep wherever he is!
In the meantime, middle son has started the after school clubs this year. Church Adventurers on a Monday night, then we had a call on Tuesday - did he want a place in the Beaver Troop! First meeting was last night and he had a lovely time!
And oldest son has started college. Well supposedly. He started on the 8th September but has done 2 days so far! The college studios have not been sound proofed properly yet, so they cannot start work. I hope they get on with it soon - he needs to get out from under my feet!

Monday, 1 September 2008

Great Day at Preston

Well I had a lovely day at Preston yesterday. Despite the miserable weather, there was a great atmosphere in the hall and I met some lovely fellow crafters. I was happy with my sales considering the poor turnout, and I got lots of ideas for improvements to my stall. Roll on the next craft fair - Rugby on 11th October. Watch this space!