Sunday, 28 September 2008

It's Conker Time!

What a gorgeous day its been! We drove out to Rockingham Castle to have a look at the Craft and Food Show. After we'd paid the extortionate amount of £10 to get in, we had very little left to spend in the craft tents - obviously someone is making a profit, but I don't think it was the crafters!

So having spent all our money on 6 minutes on the bouncy castle and a drink each, we went for a walk round the grounds. Here we found the real treasure - a grove of horse chestnuts dripping with fruit! Best entertainment ever for two little boys!

Very handy that there was a table and straw bales under the tree. The drinks cans were not ours by the way - I think the tables and straw bales were left over from a party that the stall holders had had the night before!

Several hundredweight of conkers later: they've all been rolled down the stairs and scattered around the kitchen floor to foil Dad's attempts at cooking tea!

Now we just have to decide what to do with them all. Ideas on a postcard please

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