Thursday, 11 September 2008

The Definition of Tired ...

Have you heard the saying "he/she could sleep on a clothesline"? I have, but never actually met anyone who could do it. But youngest son is in practice.

It started on the floor:

Then he tried upside down:

Not quite a clothesline, but getting there:

LOL I've never known a child like him for just falling asleep wherever he is!
In the meantime, middle son has started the after school clubs this year. Church Adventurers on a Monday night, then we had a call on Tuesday - did he want a place in the Beaver Troop! First meeting was last night and he had a lovely time!
And oldest son has started college. Well supposedly. He started on the 8th September but has done 2 days so far! The college studios have not been sound proofed properly yet, so they cannot start work. I hope they get on with it soon - he needs to get out from under my feet!

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