Thursday, 28 August 2008

Getting Nervous ....

Well it will be the craft fair at Preston Presents this Sunday, and I am now officially getting nervous! I've done a couple of village stalls, very low key, more jumble sale type things, but this is in a different league!
I've been working hard trying to get a professional looking stall and have settled on this - dark chocolate velvet on the table with fuchsia pink on a small stand. My wonderful Dad knew that I was looking for a hat stand and found me the perfect one - in a skip of all places! I found a prettyfruit stand in Homebase to display my little chickens and gift bags. Finished off with a small bowl of pot pourri and some pink Ikea candles to add interest. Had a trial run today - glad I did as I've managed to tweak a few things. I'm quite pleased with it!
I'm just panicking about stock levels now - I know I have enough bags, I don't expect to sell that many! But I wanted some little, less expensive items to encourage people to browse. With christmas coming up (I know, I know! It's still only August!) I decided on some of the little chickens stuffed with fresh lavender from the garden (they smell divine!) and some little gift bags made from satiny fabric with ribbon and bead drawstring ties. I've also discovered that people like to see you 'crafting' rather than reading a book, so I've dug out the crochet hooks and some pretty tapestry yarn and have crocheted some little flowers. I'll put them on the stall for 50p, purely so I can be making them on the day. Trouble is I don't know if they will sell or not - if they do, I need back up stock to refill the stand! Aaah - need to get sewing!

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Christmas Chickens

I've just finished making some little chickens for a customer. It's the first time I've made them in a christmassy fabric - I'm really pleased with them!

Might have to make some more for my craft stall.

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Northampton Balloon Festival

What a fabulous day we had yesterday - I was too exhausted to write about it last night!

We went to the Northampton Balloon Festival. Brilliant value for money - £4 per adult, children free! So me and 3 children got in for £4.Even with the £5 car parking fee it was a bargain! Loads of stalls, entertainment in the central arena, a circus tent and a stage with live music. And the wonderful people in the John 3:16 tent serving free refreshments - a lifesaver when I ran out of cash!

But the highlight had to be watching those awesome balloons go up!

Even the boys were stunned into silence as we watched them slowly filling with hot air from the burners, then suddenly leaping into the air as they were freed from the ropes. Then as fast as they rose, more were inflated on the ground to take their places.


Friday, 8 August 2008

Northpole Nonsense

Well it's 6.30am, Saturday morning, and I'm sitting with my early morning cuppa contemplating the past week.

It's been hectic, I'm shattered but the children have had a fantastic time! What was it? North Pole Nonsense - our church's annual Holiday Club. From 10 - 12 every morning, hordes of village children have descended on the church for 2 hours of games, songs, crafts and general fun led by the wonderful Paul Wilmott. Paul is a brilliant Holiday Club leader - the only human I know who can keep (and hold) the attention of 80 primary school children single handed! The highlight had to be Custard the shark threatening to eat the children for lunch! Anyway, this was the result on my youngest son. It's not quite sleeping on a clothesline, but you get the picture!
The other highlight (apart from Custard), was the fact that the helpers all pulled together and made this a success. It's been a brilliant atmosphere all week, with many new friendships forged. Topped off by us all going out for lunch after the final session on Friday. Ultimately it has been a testament to the power of God in all our lives. A great week!

Monday, 4 August 2008

Flippin' Chickens!!

Aaaah, I give up! I thought my veg patch was now chicken proof, but it appears that one little madam sees it as a personal challenge to attack my veg patch at every opportunity. Yesterday I noticed that she had been in again and this time scratched up all my patches of new seedlings - beetroot, chard, rocket, mizuna and lettuce!!!! Thankfully, everything that was growing well has not been touched. It is Bella that is the culprit, she isn't even laying any eggs at the moment. Luckily for her she is the prettiest chicken - but looks will only get her so far. If I catch her in there again I will not be held responsible for my actions! :-( :-(