Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Catching up again!

Oh dear, I seem to lurch from one catch up post to another these days! Just goes to show how busy life is - I hope!
We've done some more camping - tried out the little canvas Java tent - small for 4 of us, but fine for just 2 nights, and easy to heat (this was early April before the nice weather kicked in). We forgot the hose to connect the cooker to the gas bottle, so had to do all our cooking on the Cobb barbeque and boil our water using the Kelly Kettle!

Used our new airbed - a Coleman double height, queensize bed. Layered with loads of blankets and a flannelette sleeping bag liner - you can't get much cozier than this!
 We than had a full week away at Wellington Country Park. A lovely site in the forest and on the edge of the country park itself. A fabulous week, very relaxing - in the trailer tent this time.
Some of the deer in the adjacent deer park. The trip was mainly to visit Legoland as we had been given annual passes for Christmas (brilliant!), but in between those hectic days, we just chilled by the tent - the boys had a great time.
We are now home and after a quiet easter weekend are already trying to decide where to go this weekend for another short camp!