Thursday, 31 July 2008

New Chicken!

I was given a McCall's pattern the other day - various soft toys, book covers, bags and things. As soon as I spotted this chicken cushion I had to try it as soon as possible! It's quite large - 13" nose to tail and the body is soft and squashy. The wings and tail are also quilted, although that doesn't show well in the picture. It was a bit fiddly, with the head, wings and tail having to be handstitched to the body (I always end up with several pin stabs when hand sewing). I also messed up the comb a bit, but managed to get it looking OK.
I don't think I could make them to sell, too fiddly and faffy. But it was nice to make something different!

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Preston Presents

I will presenting my wares at the Preston Presents Craft Fair on 31st August. Preston is just south of Oakham. This will be my first 'proper' craft fair and I am simultaneously excited and terrified! Click on the link to Preston Presents on the left to see more about it and see what other craft stalls will be there. And if you are in the area - come and say hello!

Ebay Bargains and Caterpillar Wars

I've just realised how long it is since my last post!
Just goes to show what a boring old life I lead!! LOL
Anyway, this is my latest ebay bargain, £72 for a set of garden furniture in need of some TLC. Well it is surprising what a bit of TLC can do for wood! After plenty of elbow grease, some wire wool and a couple of litres of teak oil, this is the result. Looks even better when the green parasol goes up and the green cushions are on the chairs! It was well and truly christened on Monday when I had some friends over and we all sat round the table eating pizza, drinking coffee and having a good old chinwag in the sun!

Although there has been some activity down at the allotment site (grass is cut, an area of hardstanding has been created and there is a proper gateway), we can still not get on as the parish council and the allotment association are in negotiation as to who will pay for the shed *rolls eyes*

So I've dug up all the potatoes and used the space to plant out my cauliflower seedlings. I was hoping to get them onto the allotment, but I don't think that will happen this side of christmas. So we are into round one of caterpillar wars. After eating half a caterpillar in last years broccoli, I'm determined they won't get to these brassicas!!