Friday, 28 December 2007

Happy Christmas!

Not much posting going on in the run up to Christmas! Preparing Christmas for the family combined with extra work, both the paid kind and that involved with being a church secretary, leaves very little time for much else! But all the urgent stuff is done now and I can take a breather before it all starts again in January!
We've had a quiet family christmas, just us for christmas lunch and the grandparents on boxing day. Good job really as the house looks like a bomb site :-)
Managed to make the most of the few nice bits of weather we've had and got out for a walk across the fields. Lovely blue sky, a hard frost on the ground and steam rising off the fields.
The chickens are thriving. Everyone is now laying - Bambi the cream legbar hybrid started laying lovely blue eggs. And Rosie the araucana hybrid - is laying beige eggs! Oh well, they did say there was an 80% chance of them being blue layers. Beryl and Bertha have all their feathers back again and have also started laying again, so nearly up to full production - lots of eggs to eat again!