Monday, 26 October 2009


Now normally Butlins is not my idea of a good place to holiday! I hate slot machines, I hate Bingo and I hate 'organised' entertainment! Purely because I do like to get back to 'non' man made when I holiday - beach (for walking rather than lazing), forests or hills do it for me every time.

But Butlins at half term was a gift from Grandparents to the little boys and as hubby was working, I got to go too! It was actually much better than I thought it would be! So bear with me while I show you Butlins!

Firstly we had a gold appartment. Highly recommended! Having stayed in silver and standard appartments many years ago and vowed never again, this was very pleasant for a short break. And the pastel painted, clapboard chalets with planted areas even looked quite quaint! We got to dine in the Yacht Club restaurant - very good value and excellent food.
The boys obviously had a great time! They met some of their heroes and spent loads of time on the Bob the Builder rides! And the swimming was a great hit with the water slides and bubbles and waves. We even saw a couple of the shows, and very entertaining they were too!
But I had to drag us all to the beach at least once during the week. It was dry and sunny but incredibly windy - fabulous for beach walking! And Skegness does have rather lovely beaches.
The boys were not in the least bit bothered by the lack of entertainment - they dodged the waves; made sandcastles and beachcombed; running and hollering into the wind like mad things! It was wonderful! They did stop to admire the windmills way out at sea (we even managed a short lesson on electricity and wind farms!). I didn't take my camera when we visited Skegness itself, but there is another lovely beach there as well. I didn't manage to completely avoid the slot machines and bingo. But it didn't matter. We all had a lovely time. Thank you Mum and Dad! xxx

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Autumn Glory

We bunked off church today! It was such a glorious day, there was only one place to go. Bradgate Park. After spending half term at Butlins with the boys, I needed to get out into the wide open spaces again!
The air had that semi crispness of autumn, the sky was blue as blue and the colour in the trees and bracken was stunning! The boys appreciated it too - they spent ages running and climbing up and around this rock.
Candy had a good run! When she is first let off the lead she really races around - then she settles down and starts to investigate the scents. Can you see her disappearing up the path?
We visited the ruins - the childhood home of Lady Jane Grey.

Sat on a bench by the river, soaked up some rays and admired the colours.
"OK, time to sit wiv me Dad"
"So what we lookin' for den?"
She did manage to play in the river, but I think she just prefers to be with her humans!
We have decided to look for another dog to keep her company, so on the way home we paid another visit to a couple of the rescue centres. Lots and lots of staffies and rotties but no gundogs. Maybe we are being too fussy, maybe we should consider a pup. Decisions decisions!