Saturday, 16 August 2008

Northampton Balloon Festival

What a fabulous day we had yesterday - I was too exhausted to write about it last night!

We went to the Northampton Balloon Festival. Brilliant value for money - £4 per adult, children free! So me and 3 children got in for £4.Even with the £5 car parking fee it was a bargain! Loads of stalls, entertainment in the central arena, a circus tent and a stage with live music. And the wonderful people in the John 3:16 tent serving free refreshments - a lifesaver when I ran out of cash!

But the highlight had to be watching those awesome balloons go up!

Even the boys were stunned into silence as we watched them slowly filling with hot air from the burners, then suddenly leaping into the air as they were freed from the ropes. Then as fast as they rose, more were inflated on the ground to take their places.


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