Friday, 8 August 2008

Northpole Nonsense

Well it's 6.30am, Saturday morning, and I'm sitting with my early morning cuppa contemplating the past week.

It's been hectic, I'm shattered but the children have had a fantastic time! What was it? North Pole Nonsense - our church's annual Holiday Club. From 10 - 12 every morning, hordes of village children have descended on the church for 2 hours of games, songs, crafts and general fun led by the wonderful Paul Wilmott. Paul is a brilliant Holiday Club leader - the only human I know who can keep (and hold) the attention of 80 primary school children single handed! The highlight had to be Custard the shark threatening to eat the children for lunch! Anyway, this was the result on my youngest son. It's not quite sleeping on a clothesline, but you get the picture!
The other highlight (apart from Custard), was the fact that the helpers all pulled together and made this a success. It's been a brilliant atmosphere all week, with many new friendships forged. Topped off by us all going out for lunch after the final session on Friday. Ultimately it has been a testament to the power of God in all our lives. A great week!

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