Monday, 29 September 2008

Look what I won!

I'm not one to enter competitions, do tombolas and raffles or anything of that nature (I think that normally I'm just too tight to part with the dosh, or just to lazy to make the effort with no guarentee of success!), but when Izabela asked for comments on crochet I just couldn't resist. I also enjoy crochet, but Izabela's crochet really is beautiful! Anyway, she had a competition to win one of her pretty crocheted butterflies - and I won! (won is used loosely here - my name was picked from a randomly generated list, but hey, who's complaining!). And this is my butterfly - isn't it lovely! It's on a keyring so is now decorating my house keys. Thank you Izabela!
See Izabela's blog here: or click the link on the left ...knit and crochet ...

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