Sunday, 25 April 2010

Connie the Conway's Maiden Voyage ...

Well Connie the Conway turned out far better than I anticipated. Until it went up, I was having nightmares about the canvas being in a terrible state. But it was fine! Two small holes in the roof, but it rained in the night and no leaks (except through a zipper that hadn't been properly covered when we were setting up, so our fault).
The nasty paisley cushions look very smart in their blue check covers and I even found co-ordinating blue and orange blankets for the bedrooms! It is now fully kitted out with our own equipment and ready for it's next outing - off to Sandringham for a short break next weekend. I just have a little shopping list for this week - pegging and window rubbers, metal buttons and replacement springs for the poles and fabsil to lubricate the poles.
My only gripe was the beds - I am used to a comfortable airbed and layers of blankets in my tent. And fairly level ground. We didn't check just how level the tent was last night and it wasn't - Al and I ended up slithering down the bed in the night, with the boys nearly slithering out of their own bunk! I know he thingks it a bit obsessive, but I am taking a spirit level with me next time. And some thin airbeds to go underneath the foam mattress - boy was that bed hard!

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