Sunday, 15 August 2010

Sort of disappointing day ...

... because I really need to get another couple of chickens. Our nearest supplier has recently stopped selling, so hubby offered to take us to West Lodge rural centre where they have had some lovely pure breeds in the past (brown and exchequer leghorns in particular). But no, now they are only selling hybrids - speckledies and bluebells. And I so wanted something a bit different. So to assuage my disappointment I decided to play with the new tent.
I wasn't sure it would fit in the garden, but once the poles were up, I realised it would. So the canvas went on  and it was pegged out. Ta dah! My £20 tent - isn't she a little beauty?

The emphasis however, does have to be on little. This is not a 4 berth tent at all!
See those bedroom pods? They will comfortably hold a single airbed! A double is just too wide.
But despite that, it is a very lovely tent. Nice thick groundsheet. And you can just see the little kitchen section to the right.
This is it from the outside.
I love the way the canvas can be pegged out nice and tight - it feels very solid!
But of course, now it is up, the boys want to sleep in it. Thats how I found out it was too small for all 4 of us. I managed to squeeze our large double airbed into one pod for the boys, and I have to put up with the single airbed in the other pod. There is definitely no room for a 4th person though!
Never mind, I will keep it for those times when it is just me and the boys - and invest in a smaller double airbed for them!
Will try to track down new chickens tomorrow.

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