Saturday, 23 October 2010

Short break ... Part 2

Yay, I made it back again! Be honest, you didn't think I would did you? :0)

Anyway, here is part 2 of our little jaunt!
The food at Biggin is delicious - there is only a limited menu, but it is all beautifully cooked, tasty and plentiful. Braised Lamb was on the menu, followed by dessert, cheese and biscuits and coffee served in the lounge in front of a roaring fire. We were exhausted and stuffed so an early night was called for! Even the dogs slept well!

Next morning dawned very bright and clear - a total contrast to the day before! So after a huge breakfast we checked out and headed for Dovedale. The frost was still on the grass and the day was sparkling.
 We decided a short walk was in order, so that we would have time to do a bit of touristy (childfree) shopping before heading home.
 Just a shame that the sun was so low still that the valley was still in shade, and perishingly cold!
 A short half hour walk brought us to the famous Dovedale stepping stones. Now bear in mind that the dogs have already been in and out of the river, crossed it and back again several times before this point. Ruby follows us nicely across the stepping stones.
 And back again.
 But not Candy. Those stepping stones might eat her. And she cannot wade across, because we didn't.
 So A does the manly thing ...
 ... and carries her across, much to the amusement of other walkers! Daft dog!
 Then we hit the sunshine.
 I never tire of these autumnal colours.
 Typical Derbyshire, with those outcrops of white limestone. As soon as I see white stone walls, it takes me back to my childhood - they are such a familiar sight around these parts, and I grew up just north of here.
 We didn't go far. Just far enough to appreciate the beauty of this spot. Then it was time to head for home.

 We walked back down the 'rough' side of the river.

 This would be a lovely place to bring the children in summer, for a picnic and a paddle. But as A pointed out, it would probably be heaving then!

Following a quick browse around Bakewell and the obligatory purchase of genuine Bakewell tart (still too much icing and pastry and not enough almond sponge) and gifts for the boys, we set off home. Back to reality. And already planning next years visit - it seems such a long time away! xx

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