Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Street Parties and get togethers

I love getting together with friends don't you? It's been a great Easter break for doing just that this year.

Our neighbours held a bit of a last minute street party for the Royal Wedding. How lovely to get to know the people on our street a bit better over a few glasses of wine and some burgers! I'm afraid I led the party astray later on by encouraging the menfolk to throw a few logs onto the spent barbeque and use them as fire pits! This idea was warmly embraced and the marshmallows on sticks came out and everyone got suitably smoked! A great evening all round!

We didn't have anything planned for the bank holiday weekend, so when a friend suggested a couple of nights at our favourite local campsite, we jumped at the chance! Chance to get the lovely Relum Izmir tent out again and try the new, high level airbed in it. Was a snug fit, but just about worked!
 Pale green seems to be a popular shade this year and it is a colour I love (I'm not normally keen on green!) Treated myself to a few bits and pieces. The colour looks very nice with the purple tent.
 Get a tent nice and tidy and it's invaded with kids. They had a great time though.
 I wondered why Ruby was suddenly so interested in my company until I realised she had spotted some food in the bag behind my chair. She stared at it for ages, but it didn't jump into her mouth sadly.
 I also picked up a firepit from Dunelm, so we had to try it out. Although the weather was nice, it was very windy. The windbreak helped block the wind so we had a nice sheltered area to sit in.

 We sat round the campfire, drinking wine and watching the sun go down. Very peaceful.
 It got a bit chilly in the evenings still so the fire was very welcome! Another good time spent with good friends.
 It's that time of year when all the trees are blossoming. I only managed one picture in the woods before my camera battery died!
 My favourite campsite - a bank holiday weekend and I have never seen it so busy. I like this kind of busy campsite!
 Our set up. A pleasant couple of days. Now back to reality and a few more weeks of work before we get to go away again!

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