Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Garden Redesign (again!)

Since we've had the chickens the garden has been redesigned so many times - my poor hubby must be totally fed up! But to be fair, I do most of it myself - he only comes in handy when there is heavy manual labour involved!

But I did need him this time. I asked him a while ago if he would consider building me a 'proper' chicken run. The answer was an emphatic 'no'. So I went ahead and drew up plans and costings for wood and netting etc. When my Dad came for tea I told him my plans and helped me make a start by building one side. Hubby then decided he could get some wood for me from work (old pallets they were throwing away). I got some netting off freecycle (thank you Kevin!). And hubby got to work. I never said a word - honest!!
So Chateau Cluck is nearly finished. This was how it looked yesterday - the netting was finished and door added thid evening (no time to take pictures though). Poor hubby is back to work for a rest tomorrow, so the boys and I will try to finish it off (latch on the door, more netting on the roof). Then the chooks can move in! Will post again when finished.
And on Friday we go camping in Wales - in our super duper new waterproof tent. Which is a good job as it's forecast to rain all weekend again!

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