Sunday, 5 August 2007

Sunday 5th August

What gorgeous weather we’re having now! After the wettest June on record, summer has finally arrived! It’s lovely to be able to get out in the garden every day again. The chicken runs are drying out. I actually managed to strip them all down yesterday and give them the good cleaning that they needed!
Ruby and Rosie, the new babies, are growing – I’ve just realized that they are now bigger than Bella, their coop mate. And they both cluck now – gone is the baby cheeping.
But they won’t go to bed at night – I have to leave them out and wait for them to go into the run themselves! Dirty little stop ups!

The veg patch is doing well, it’s great to be able to go out and pick a selection of tasty, fresh veg for tea every evening! I’m currently picking courgettes, runner beans, peas, broccoli, salad leaves and radishes. Ripening nicely are French beans, leeks, spring onions, cucumbers, carrots, sweetcorn and tomatoes. At least I think the tomatoes are ripening – there’s plenty of green ones but I did find an orangey green one yesterday! It certainly looks very pretty anyway.

And yesterday I got carried away on freecycle and offered to take a hamster (and cage) whose owners are moving and can't take him with them. I didn't think I'd get him but guess what! Am just awaiting confirmation from his owner that I've been successful and I'll go and collect him. The boys will be delighted - not so sure about the husband though! Watch this space.

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