Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Warm and Sunny at last!

Isn't it lovely to have some warm weather at last! I got home from work, rushed upstairs to get changed and went straight out into the garden. I haven't felt like doing that for ages now! Just a pity we don't have the allotment yet - it would have been lovely to take the family for a group dig before tea!

The lawn has dried out so I raked all the bark and stone chippings off that the chickens have scattered over the winter - lo and behold, I do still have a lawn! It survived the ravages of chickens and children and is not looking too bad at all!

I did a bit of tidying on the veg patch (I did manage to brave the elements a couple of weeks ago and did most of the work and planted some seeds, but it has been abandoned since then) I didn't realise how lovely broad bean flowers smell until I got close to them!

The children and the chickens appreciated me digging up a few weeds from the flower bed as well. I did take a picture of the children poking dock and dandelion leaves into the run, but blogger has now gone on strike!

And after moaning to friends about the children bickering, tonight they went straight into the garden after school and played together like little angels until bedtime! Typical LOL!

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