Sunday, 7 December 2008

New Girls have names and sore bums!

We've managed to choose names for the new girls now - carrying on with the spicey names, this is Nutmeg. She seems like a lovely little chicken and looks as though she has just been through a moult. I don't think she is laying at the moment.

The copper black hen is Cinnamon. She seems a little nervous and has a bit of a baldy bum. The all white sweetie is Pepper - she has a very bare bum!

The Pied is Clove. She has a very bare bottom and a swollen abdomen. I've had three eggs off them today, I can only assume that it was nutmeg who has not laid, so Clove's tackle must be working OK.

As a precaution I've been out in the dark and given all their botties a good spray with ukadex - a foul smelling, tar based spray that deters pecking. Luckily for me they were all sat on the branches with their backs to me so I just squirted them while they slept! I got a good scolding for my efforts!

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