Saturday, 6 December 2008

What a day - paint and chickens!

I'm shattered! Today has been a bit crazy. We are waiting for a new suite to be delivered, and as usual have left redecorating the room until the last minute, so it had to be done today!

We couldn't find a day when the boys were at school to do it, so had to grit our teeth and let them help. They didn't do too badly in the end though, and I now have a gorgeous red wall. Just waiting for my nice, new conker brown leather suite to arrive and I'll be cosy as anything!

While we were getting ready to decorate, I had a call from a lady who was struggling with her chickens and could I take some off her hands. Could I! I now have 4 lovely new girls. She has only had them a few months and they are laying.

There are 2 sweeties, or amber stars. They haven't got names yet!

A copper black maran hybrid
And a pied suffolk

They have very pecked bottoms, but I'm hoping that being in a bigger crowd and plenty of distractions will cure them of their naughty knicker pecking habits!

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