Monday, 10 August 2009

In and around Brittany - a few more pics!

As well as spending time at the farm, we also got out and about a little (only a little because of car problems, but we are keeping this a positive experience, right?) LOL
Anyway, Brittany is full of picturesque little villages - Locuon is a short walk up the road from Belle Vue. We found these pretty cottages down a little grassy track. They were deserted. There is so little employment in the area that this sight is becoming more and more common. I could have moved in straight away - the thought of the commute back to Leicestershire put me off a little!
Just round the corner from the cottages we came across this beautiful shrine to the Virgin Mary, built in an old quarry. Again a common sight around Brittany - we spotted another in the middle of a field while we were out riding but I didn't have my camera on me.
A short drive from the farm is the Nantes a Brest canal. Another historical monument - built for military purposes and completed just as military use was no longer required. It would be perfect for longboat holidays, but the road bridges have been built with just enough headroom for a kayak, so it sees very little use. But the paths are wide and even and lovely for walking and cycling. Good for pond dipping as well.
Around the coasts of Brittany are some beautiful beaches. We discovered the Quiberon peninsula and the little town of Saint Pierre on the eastern side. We spent a lovely day taking in the quaint architecture and soaking up the rays - soft white sand between the toes is a lovely feeling!
Excuse the pale legs - they did get a little browner! I just loved the look of lilac crocs, aqua toenails and pale sand! I had a lovely time, sat playing in the sand while the boys went rockpooling!

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