Thursday, 13 August 2009

Moving on, growing up and memories

Well the time has finally come to redecorate the nursery. I was quite excited at the prospect of a bit of redesigning, but didn't realise until we emptied the room, just how sad it would make me feel as well! As I started taking things apart it brought back so many happy memories of those days just before Dan was born - setting up the nursery, and then after the birth, long hours sat in the sun, rocking my newborn. At the time it felt as though those days would last forever, but suddenly it is 6 years later - and time to grow up!

But I loved that nursery - the changing table was below that little shelf on the right. I had all the nappies and wipes and paraphernalia on that shelf, and there were clothes pegs glued to it with cuddly toys hanging from them for entertainment. The room faces south west so gets a lot of afternoon sunshine. I had mini glitter balls hung in the window and Dan would spend ages just lying in his cot, watching the reflections of light dancing across the ceiling. I had a rocking chair in there and would often sit there and doze myself.

But back to reality, and moving forward, not back. It hasn't been a nursery for over a year now as the boys share the larger room. It has been a playroom (or rather a dumping ground for too many toys). But Matthew starts school in a couple of weeks, and Dan goes into year 2, so space and a bit of responsibility are required. As the owner of the cabin bed, it makes sense for Dan to move into the smallest room, and he was a willing volunteer.
He was very keen to get started - how often do you get the chance to legitimately peel off wallpaper?
Two willing helpers in fact! As the border came off, it revealed my first attempt at decorating - a handpainted border! Replaced by the pretty Mamas and Papas Zoofari border when it appeared in the sale bin! Dan said he would have preferred the wavy pattern - maybe I should have saved my money! See that washing up bowl? I used it to soak the wallpaper and wash the glue residues off the wall. But at lunchtime the bowl disappeared.
By the time I found it, it was too late - they had 'borrowed' it to wash their bikes, and then Dad's car, along with all the neighbours children. Ooops. Dad was not impressed and had to go out and wash all the glue off the car.
But back to decorating. Dan wanted a red bedroom. Well he is manic at the best of times, so I wasn't keen to go with that idea. So suggested maybe a neutral theme with red accents, how about something nautical? He like that idea, and then I started to get ideas. A couple of coats of white paint later and I had a blank canvas.
Yeah, I got a bit carried away! Anyway, that is enough for today. I have a few finishing touches to add to the paintwork, then I can start on the soft furnishings!

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