Saturday, 10 January 2009


Gosh it's bloomin' cold!! As fast as I defrost the chickens water, it freezes up again! The glugs have been frozen solid - not just on top! This one had just a small ball of water in the centre of the ice.
So we haven't been to the allotment this week - other than to drop off a bucket of compost from one of the bins. Even the compost bin was frozen round the sides!
So here are a couple of pics of new chook, Nutmeg. Nutmeg is an amber star, or a Merrydale Sweetie. She is proving to be very friendly, and loves nothing more than a cuddle. She should be very popular on my Hen Courses! While I was cooking christmas lunch, she jumped up onto the windowsill to see what she was missing, then jumped onto the mini greenhouse! I was a bit worried that she would then head for the shed roof, but she decided that she'd gone far enough and came down again.

But she doesn't always look so pristine and clean. She's rather partial to a good old roll in the dust as well! She has started to lay again and lays a lovely little chesnut egg with white speckles.

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