Sunday, 18 January 2009


I have managed some more time at the allotment now that the ground has thawed. I was a bit worried that it would be impossible to do anything though with all the rain, but that was not the case. The allotment field is on a slight slope, with my plot on the slopiest bit in the middle. It must be well drained as the soil was lovely to work and only a bit heavy. Be interesting to see how it fares throughout the year. Plots at the bottom end of the slope were not so fortunate, very boggy and muddy.

So now all my beds are dug and I have moved as much couch grass onto the paths as I can. I will worry about those at a later date if they cause a problem! Dad turned up yesterday with some scaffolding planks and a compost bin for me, so we took them down along with a small storage locker. I'm not sure if that will be allowed on the plot yet, but it's light enough to move if I have to!

Then last night we had the high winds and rain. And I began to think about my locker and compost bin sitting in the middle of a field with no shelter. Ooops! Rushed down this morning to confirm my fears. The locker had blown onto it's side, but the compost bin was in the hedge of a neighbouring field!!! Luckily the lid hadn't gone far. So all has been reassembled and a load of clods of grass put in the bottom of the bin for now. Hopefully last night was the worst of the weather. And luckily I was down there before any of the other plot holders arrived to have a good laugh at my expense!!

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