Friday, 2 January 2009

New Year - New Allotment!

First of all - Happy New Year!! Hope you have a good one!

Second - we finally got access to our allotment! Hurray!
We went for a walk to have a look and met up with some of the others holders - we had a group photo taken to mark the occasion (but I forgot my camera so you will just have to imagine that one!)

So today, I loaded up the car and took the boys down for their first dig. Looks like we were the first ones to give it a go - a couple of plots have had string tied around them to mark them out, but no one has started digging yet. This is littlest son digging the first sod!

It's not a very big plot - only 10m x 5m, but the ground is so rough, I think it will be enough for now! (hopefully some of the others may be put off by this and we may get a bigger plot! ;-)
In this picture, middle son is standing at the far end of our plot and I am standing at the nearest edge. You can just about see a couple of pegs in the ground either side of him which mark the sides.

We got some string around ours. I decided to start digging at the far end - I figure if I can clear a strip at the end and get some chicken poo in, then I might at least get some potatoes in this year.

After a couple of hours, I'd managed to clear most of the couch grass into a hummock at one end of the strip and dug chicken poo into an area about 3' x 3'.There was a big pile of wood offcuts for communal use so the boys helped me to use them to mark where we had dug. Phew! I'm shattered - but feel very good. Hopefully I will be able to do more as I get fitter! Think I need a soak in a hot bath tonight. The boys will definitely sleep well - they didn't want to come home!

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