Wednesday, 4 February 2009

More Snow!

Why do we get so excited about a bit of snow? LOL It is cold, wet and brings everything to a standstill!

But yesterday, with school closed, both myself and Mr Owl off work and the sun shining, we just had to get out in it!

It obviously wasn't cool enough for 17yr old son as he just grunted and went back to sleep,but the little boys couldn't wait! We dug out the sledges that were last used when big boy was little, and set off for the fields (only a 5 minute walk from our door).

What a fabulous day! We met up with friends on the field with their children, and found a little hill, just perfect for sledging
Daniel was the daredevil - I told him not to slide down where there was a hollow in the ground, but he wouldn't rest until he'd done just that, discovering that the sledge physically left the ground and jumped through the air before crashing down and scooting to the bottom. He loved it.
Matthew started off a little reserved, but was soon sledging down the steepest bit like a pro!

Trudging home for tomato soup and crusty bread for lunch. What a wonderful day - one we will remember for many years!

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