Saturday, 7 February 2009

Still more snow!

It's official - I've had enough snow! Never thought I'd say that LOL It's certainly put paid to any ideas I may have entertained of joining my brother in Canada!

Sugar the whitestar is most definitely not white! It doesn't help that she has been dustbathing in woodash. The snow has bowed the fence to their run - so she just flaps out and walks up it to get back in!

School was closed again on Thursday. So we made a snowman - but they couldn't wait to demolish it!

Even the teenage son eventually succumbed and joined Dad for a snowball fight.

I thought it was finally going yesterday as it turned to slush, but this morning it was all frozen over again. We walked down to the church for breakfast - first time we've made it for at least a year! Dan wanted to walk up to his friends house and from there it was a short walk across the fields to get home. I'm just sorry I forgot my camera - the thick snow and isolation was wonderful! By 9am we were back home having done more than we sometimes do all day! And we still managed a trip into town for new wellies and plimsolls for school.

And I bought my first allotment goodies! Onion sets - Red Baron, red skin shallots and two types of onions - one tall and one fat (I can only remember the name of one - Stuttgarter!). And fruit bushes from Aldi - red and green gooseberries; blackcurrants; tayberries; two varieties of raspberry. Now I really feel like spring is on the way - just need this dratted snow to melt now and I can get back on the lottie!

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