Thursday, 12 February 2009

Treasure Trove!

Yesterday I had a free hour in the house,with nothing urgent to do, so I thought I would have a rummage in the loft. I've been given some fabric that would make good boys clothes and thought I may have some old patterns for trousers.
So I dragged my old pattern box downstairs and had a lovely time unearthing forgotten treasures and UFOs!
Patterns for some ball gowns I made many years ago! (In fact I think the dresses themselves are still in the loft somewhere!)
Some wonderful old fabric - antique red satin from an old curtain that was used as the skirt for yet another ball gown (see, I was recycling 20 years ago!), and some purple offcuts from a suit I made. Don't they look lovely together!
The start of a crochet blanket that never got any bigger!
A bag of wool. Fantastic - some of these are perfect for a pattern I have just obtained for a crochet chicken.
Scraps of fur fabric - I can't remember what these were for!
Pages of calligraphy practice sheets - I had a very steady hand then!
A whole box of patterns - most of them used. Very 80s! (no childrens clothes though)
Some pretty pastel card that I bought because I liked the look of, but never found a use for!
An unfinished craft project - picture frame decorated with felt flowers.
Pieces of felt, bought to make an elephant mobile for a baby (that baby is now 17!!)
My first and last attempt at freehand embroidery
An unfinished, quilted cushion panel. Sadly with a big stain in the middle so will need to go in the bin.

What a lovely afternoon I had!

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