Saturday, 30 May 2009

Chicken Challenge!

I am very proud of my little greenhouse area. As you may recall, I removed two of my raised beds to fit in the greenhouse. I kept one of them to use as a 'salad' bed. But the chickens had other ideas. Everytime I tried to tidy up the area they made dust baths in the bed and kicked all the soil out again. Drastic measures were called for. I created a lovely little fenced off area complete with gate. A little chicken free spot where my salads could grow and flourish. I even attached that bit of green trellis to the climbing frame to deter them from using the frame as a take off point.

But Sugar the naughty whitestar had other ideas and decided that the boys sunflowers were far better eating than the lush green grass now flourishing on the lawn.

Drastic measures were called for. An extra layer of chicken wire added to the top of the almost invisible green fencing.

Ha! That did it! A fully chicken free zone! Not quite as picturesque, but effective. Today I finally felt confident enough to sow some radish, spring onion and lettuce seeds in it!

And inside the greenhouse - my fabby raised bed! Tomatoes, chillis, peppers, cucumbers and melons!
And finally a gratuitous shot of my baby cuddling Dad. My smallest boy will be starting school in September and it won't be long before cuddles like this are a thing of the past. What a shame that they have to grow up!

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