Sunday, 10 May 2009

First Harvest!

My first harvest from the allotment! Some lovely, crunchy radishes! (I know, I know, very simple to grow, but very rewarding to pull up a couple to munch while I was digging!) These are Mirabeau - a long variety. They don't seem as peppery as the globe variety, which suits me as I've never liked radishes! I'm developing a taste for these little beauties though!

Here are the latest pics. The onion and Broad Bean bed with the as yet unplanted, other big bed in the foreground.
The other end of the broad bean and onion bed. The radishes were sown in between the broad beans. The bed in the foreground with the canes on it has been sown with various carrot and parsnip seeds in the little sections.
Beyond the carrot bed - 2 small beds, one with manure on ready for the courgettes, and one with newly sown peas. I have more pea seedlings in the greenhouse, ready to be planted out here. You can just see my potatoes before the compost bins of my neighbours plot.
It looks quite tidy from this angle. I still need to take the couch grass of my paths and put down more weed suppressing membrane and wood chips. The black bin bags are full of couch roots. Hopefully Dad has a little incinerator for me so I can burn the stuff.
Broad bean and onion bed again, with the row of fruit bushes along the left hand border.

As I was about to leave, I got chatting with my neighbours and subsequently came away with some sprout, broccoli and cabbage seedlings! Bartering at it's best - I will take them some eggs as a thank you.

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