Thursday, 14 May 2009

Shoe Extravaganza!

I don't normally spend much on myself (unless it's wool or fabric and that doesn't count!)
But today I just had too. Crocs £10 a pair (and they are the real thing). I just had to have two pairs. My old pair are worn so thin they are positively dangerous!

Aren't they pretty? Candy coloured crocs! Although I think I should've bought a third pair in celery - that would've looked wonderful!
Just look at our allotment site now! No more a field, but a patchwork of little plots, every one different!
When I finish on my own plot, I walk away from the car park, towards the hedge you can see at the far side, up the side of the field, and back along the top path. That way I can have a nosy at everyone else's handywork!

We had a cheeky visitor yesterday. We were in the shed when smallest boy said "Mummy there is a mouse". I didn't expect to see said mousey INSIDE the corn bucket, with the lid firmly on! I released him well away from the chicken run. He deserved a head start, for his cheek!
I am now suffering from a mixture of excitement and disappointment. We were planning to go camping tomorrow - lo and behold we get severe weather warnings. I feel as if we are destined not to get a holiday this year - again! Every time we have had time away, the weather has turned bad on us. The excitement is because we decided to give up our plans to camp in Yorkshire in July, and instead head back to France. Although the last time we went there it rained. At least we have a decent tent this time! I don't care what it does - I'm just delighted to be going back!
This is where we are going (again)
It is a wonderful place - in the middle of nowhere! I can't wait!! *big grins*

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