Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Extreme Eggs

We are having an extreme egg week from the hens!
First we had a dinky little blue egg from Bambi weighing in at 19g. Then today poor Pepper laid a whopping 110g egg. Here they are with a 'normal' 65g egg in between them.

I've had a painful few days - after standing on the nail on Saturday, I went to A&E on Sunday morning and got a tetanus booster. So my arm has been aching as well. But things are much better today - I can finally weight bear again!

As well as being a full time Mum, sewing and gardening, I do still do occasional 'real' work, I am an occupational health nurse in my professional life. Last night was one of those occasions when I worked - 11pm until 3am. I know what you are thinking - why is she telling us this? Well it helps to explain why I was out driving at 3.30 this morning! I just wanted to tell you how beautiful it was - and how sorry I am that I didn't have my camera with me. This is the perfect time of year to work those hours - there is still a hint of light in the sky as I go to work, and it is just getting light as I drive home. This morning, the sky was a dark, brooding lilac - it was reflecting off the mist lying on the fields either side of the road. It looked like a scene from a fantasy film, all hazy and ethereal, wonderful! And then when I got home I had to stand outside the house for a few minutes to listen to the dawn chorus. How those birds didn't wake up everyone in the street I will never know!
It almost makes me want to set the alarm for another early morning serenade tomorrow.

Almost, but not quite. xx

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