Saturday, 13 June 2009

My Trusty Steed ...

I have rediscovered an old pleasure these last couple of weeks. I used to do a lot of cycling, purely out of necessity (to and from work and to feed my horse), and later on to keep fit, round the country lanes. Last year oldest son wanted to start riding more to keep fit so I invested in a new bike (my 20 year old racer was on it's last legs), but son's keep fit enthusiasm waned and I didn't get much chance to ride it.

But just recently, things have changed again - smallest son has finally learnt to pedal properly and rides a small bike with stabilisers, and middle son has just disposed of his stabilisers. And they are mad keen on taking the bikes everywhere - down to nursery; to the shop; to the allotment; to the park. As well as up and down the road outside the house (we are fortunate enough to live on a fairly quiet cul de sac). And I love it! I haven't used the car all week! :0)

This is her - isn't she lovely?

Down on the plot, my purple podded peas have gorgeous, dark purple pods!
My frost eaten courgettes have been hoofed out and replaced with the squash plants. They have little flower buds on them now!
I have been hearing about bumper broad bean harvests, but no sign of any pods on mine,until I parted the leaves! And lookie here - little bitty pods! Won't be long now!
My italian neighbour is growing all manner of weird and wonderful things that I would never have thought of trying! Here are her artichokes. I've never tried them, but am determined to give them a go this year.
That's it for today - going to have an early night as I have a poorly foot. I stupidly did the old 'trod on a rusty nail' down at the allotment this evening. I can confirm that crocs are no protection at all - the darn thing went straight through. So I am bandaged up and will be off to A&E in the morning for some tetanus immunoglobulin. What a wally! xx

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