Sunday, 28 June 2009

New chickens!

I've been a bit busy this week, what with work and sewing and new chickens, the time has flown by! But before I get to new chickens, here is my lovely rose again, with more blooms on now (hopefully as it grows it will disguise the ugly outline of the chicken run!) It's also a pity it has to be partly hidden behind the netting - that's the joys of chickens for you!

My greenhouse is doing well - it is a bit like a jungle in there now! And everything is growing bigger by the day!

Anyway, here are the new girls. I had decidedto try to keep the numbers down to 10 or 11. 14 is really too many for my garden to cope with. When we lost Florrie,Pom and Cinnamon it was a relief in a way, back to a more manageable number. Then I had a phone call. A lady I know was having trouble with her chickens - could she bring them round NOW. Well what could I say? So we are back up to 14 again.
There are 2 speckledies, Sage on the left and Poppy on the right. Poppy is a real maran throwback with lovely cuckoo colouring and magnificent feathery feet. They have both continued to lay and produce lovely dark brown eggs.
The third chicken on the far left is Anise. She is a cream legbar hybrid and had been broody. She was badly infested with red mites so had to spend the first night in isolation. She was underweight, anaemic, bald and very smelly. This was her on her first night with us.
One week later and she is no longer broody. She also has a bit of colour back in her cheeks!
Sadly these chickens have also picked up the feather pecking habit. I need to get some bumper bits for them - I hate seeing all these chickens with bare bottoms!

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