Friday, 12 June 2009

Zephirine Drouhin

My lovely rose has flowered! I've not grown roses for a long time, but someone recently asked if I could recommend a scented climber. I remembered that many years ago I had a cottage with this rose climbing around the front porch, and realised that I had the perfect spot for one now. So when I spotted it in the garden centre last year, I treated myself.
It is planted by the chicken run and is already nearly at roof level. We only have 3 flowers at the moment, but there are loads more buds - I'll show you the whole thing once the rest of the flowers are out. This is just a taster - isn't she beautiful? Only a simple rose, in a fabulous bubble gum/barbie doll pink with a yellow centre. But the scent is stunning - already I can catch drifts of it as I walk by. It's a really deep and heavy rose scent - nothing wishy washy or delicate about this flower!

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