Sunday, 15 March 2009

Another gorgeous day!

Spring is well and truly here! A and I were out first thing this morning to recommence work on the greenhouse. The frame is built but it needs cladding. The neighbours must think we are barking, starting work in the garden at 8am on a Sunday! It started off quite chilly, but as the sun spilled it's beams into our corner of the garden, the temperature rocketed. I actually had bare arms at one point!

We managed to get the sides onto the greenhouse - what a pain it was! Very fiddly - it has clear polycarbonate glazing that fits into all these little channels, but as soon as you get one in, the one next to it pops out. We could've done with 8 pairs of hands never mind two! But it's done - next stage is to get the roof on. But A is back at work tomorrow, so a few more days before we can start again. No pictures today - the greenhouse looks exactly the same as it did, even with the glazing added!

Tea was a scrumptious leg of lamb in moroccan spices, done in the slow cooker and served with cous cous. Deeeelicious!

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