Monday, 2 March 2009

Dig dig dig ....

What a blessing of a day! No work for me or A and lots of sunshine! Apart from the start of a stinking cold for me, the day couldn't have been better for our planned garden modifications!

The plan went something like this: 1. Clear raised beds, 2. Transport all the soil from beds to allotment, 3. Move wooden beds from garden to allotment, 4. Erect greenhouse in place of raised beds.

Very good! Except that the chickens wanted to help. They were not content with their fenced off corner of the garden. Some of the more intrepid ones squeezed through the fence and came to help. They did a very good job, but I ended up spending more time watching their antics than actually clearing beds. But they did have a lovely time.
First Nutmeg came to help. As fast as A filled the buckets with soil, she jumped in and scratched it out again.
Then the others spotted the fun and came to join in. They are fascinating when they do their left foot scratch, right foot scratch, step back and peer at the soil carefully to see what's been uncovered.
Florrie is an old hand and an expert slug destroyer. Scratch, scratch, step ...
That looks like a tasty morsel!
Bella is the talkative one and chats away to whoever will listen while she rummages around.
Scratch, scratch, step ...
Is that a worm I spy?
A couple of months ago I though Pom was at death's door. She was quiet and withdrawn, thin and suddenly went right down the pecking order. So it was lovely to see her back up to her old antics and looking fit and well again. Scratch scratch step ...

Anything interesting here? A woodlouse maybe?
Some synchronised scratching and soil flinging from Bella and Roley Mo. Kick those heels!
This is the chicken version of the barn dance. Scratch, scratch kick, eyes down, four steps forward ...
And round again, scratch scratch kick ... Mo you are not meant to overtake!
But eventually I did have to put the camera down and get on with the task in hand. Result, one cleared bed. One full bed down at the allotment (I promise to take my camera tomorrow).
I will have that greenhouse up by the end of this week!

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