Sunday, 22 March 2009

Grand Greenhouse Opening!

Hooray! It's finished!

Well OK it's not quite 100% finished, more like 99.9% finished. It still needs a few more nuts and bolts to make it really secure and it needs bolting to the base (A ran out of screws). In the meantime there are a couple of surplus bags of sand holding it down.
I have dismantled my mini greenhouse and split it into two to make the staging, but I do need some a bit bigger to make better use of the space. There will be a small raised bed down the left hand side to grow tomatoes, peppers and melons in. We have a couple more slabs to put in as well to make a walkway down the middle.
I have to say it's been a pig to put together - I'm glad we didn't pay full price for it. But it will serve it's purpose for now.
What a great Mother's Day present!

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