Saturday, 21 March 2009

Strange Egg Season

I love this time of year for egg collecting - it seems to be the time when egg production peaks and we often get the biggest eggs, and often double yolkers. But we had this strange little offering from Little Bo yesterday.
This is it next to her offering from the day before - a hefty 75g compared to the miniscule 7g. I wouldn't mind but the poor girl laid another 70g egg later the same day! Bless her, she had a day off today.
I've never had one of these eggs before, but they are not uncommon. Known as wind, fart or witches eggs, they often only contain egg white. I haven't cracked this one yet, so contents unknown!
Greenhouse news - the roof is on! The doors are half built, we had to finish as tea time was calling. Looks like my Mothers Day present tomorrow will be the grand greenhouse opening! Watch this space!

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