Monday, 16 March 2009

I make no apology!

I make no apology for yet another post rejoicing in the arrival of spring!
But first let me show you what I did today, when the sun tempted me to outside jobs:

Last year we had to have the porch rebuilt, and we laid a new slate tile floor. There were only two tiles left over, and being the good recycler that I am, I managed to find a use for them. They have been on the front of the porch for a while now, but I couldn't think what to put on them. I knew I wanted our house number, but not what style, or what to put on the other tile. Then I spotted LilyMosaics at a craft fair. She makes beautiful mosaics, a lot of it from this pretty sea pottery - shards of old china washed up on the beach. Well I do love the sea, and miss it, being so far inland! So this house number was perfect - then I had a brainwave and asked her if she would make me a chicken to match! And she did! They finally got glued to the slate tiles today, and I love them. I am not so keen on the state of our porch windows and front door however, I might just get my paint brush out tomorrow.

Anyway, another glorious sunny day to tempt me outdoors! Small boy was fast asleep after a busy morning at the swimming pool so I managed to get some seeds sown, then decided to have my lunch al fresco! The cover came off the table and chairs and I happily sat in the sun eating my cheese and pickle sandwich and drinking tea.
The chickens were very curious, even the normally shy Sugar was tempted by a bit of brown bread crust.
Nutmeg kept her distance, being lowest in the pecking order, but still managed to get some to nibble.
Bella has no qualms about standing at my feet shouting until I cave in and throw her some crust! I was a bit worried that she might jump onto my knee at one point! (not that I'd mind, but I was enjoying my sandwich)
So after dining, I reclined the chair and with my eyes shut, I could feel the sun beating down and hear the trickle of water into the pond and the chortling of the chickens. Bliss! For a short while I could forget the surplus, no longer played with and homeless toys that I really must sort out and get on freecycle, as they are blocking access to the shed (along with various bits of netting, bags of compost and bamboo canes that need putting away)
I could forget the tatty lawn, vainly trying to recover from the attentions of 14 chickens and two young boys.
I could forget the half finished greenhouse.
OK, so my garden is as messy as my house - I make no apology! We will sort it all out - one day, when there is nothing better to do!

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